How to Cook Breakfast on Flat Top Grill

Breakfast gives you the energy to kickstart the day’s activities. Instead of using a small skillet that limits the number of items you can cook at ago, try the best flat top for outdoor grill.

When time is limited, it allows you to cook more than one dish at ago. Besides, it helps to maintain the already cooked food warm as you prepare the others.

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Why Cook Breakfast on a Flat Top Grill?

Precise Heat Control

Cooking breakfast on a flat top grill involves a variety of items. A flat top grill becomes useful since you can regulate the heat for each item and thus get the best results.

Large Cooking Surface

The large even surface of the griddle accommodates many breakfast dishes. You can prepare eggs on the flat grill and at the same time cook bacon, potatoes, and pancakes. That way you cut down food cooking time.

Infusing Flavor

The flat griddle retains the internal juices of food so they don’t dry out. At the same time, it helps to infuse for example bacon flavor into other food such as toast or pancakes. That way it enhances its taste.

Easy Tossing

The large even surface accommodates many pieces of bacon or eggs. And owing to the vast space, tossing the ingredients is trouble-free.

What Tools Do You Need to Cook Breakfast on a Flat Top Grill?

Metal spatula

When cooking pancakes on a flat top grill[how to cook pancakes on a flat top grill], a flat head spatula is a vital item. The spatula makes turning the pancake or taking it off the griddle effortless. It also comes in handy when cooking French toast.

Pancake Mix

As the name implies, the pancake mix helps to blend the ingredients quickly and efficiently. Besides, it helps minimizes the messes n the preparation table.

Bacon Press

When cooking bacon on the griddle, some chefs prefer using the bacon press. The additional weight forces the slices of bacon to come out with an appealing flat shape after cooking. Also, it ensures the bacon cooks up in less time.

Pair of Tongs

A pair of tongs come in handy after you have cooked the bacon on the flat grill. The tongs make it easy to lift the pieces of bacon from the griddle to the serving plate.

When Cooking Breakfast on a Flat Top Grill, Why Start with Bacon?

When cooking several breakfast items on the griddle, it’s better, to begin with, the bacon or meat. The bacon leaves behind a grease coating on the flat top grill.

So, when you cook other subsequent foods such as pancakes, potatoes, or eggs, the bacon flavor infuses into the foods.

How to Cook Breakfast on a Flat Top Grill?


Preheat the flat top grill to medium-low temperature. A heat setting of about 375 degrees Fahrenheit is adequate.

Cook the Bacon

The initial step in cooking breakfast is beginning with the meat or bacon. So, once it has preheated arrange the strips on the griddle.

Then cook the bacon strips on the flat top grill[how to cook bacon on a flat top grill] on both sides so that it comes out evenly. Place a rack on one side of the griddle and load the cooked bacon. Reduce the heat, just enough to keep it warm.

Cook the Potatoes

Once the bacon is done, use the left-over grease to cook potatoes on the same flat top grill[how to cook potatoes on a flat top grill].

Arrange the Potato Slices or Cubes to Form An Even Layer.

Add more bacon grease you had trapped from the griddle to the potatoes if needed. Then season with a mixture of salt, garlic, paprika, and pepper powder as necessary.

Toss with the pair of flat spatulas till it’s done. Then push them to one corner closer to the bacon you had cooked.

Cook the Pancakes

Wipe off the excess grease, salt, and ginger from the griddle top. Scoop a little bit of the pancake batter you had previously prepared and place it on the heated flat top grill.

As the pancakes still cook, make some space on the griddle and prepare the scrambled eggs. Squirt and spread oil on the flat top oil.

Don’t Forget the Scrambled Eggs.

Slowly pour the eggs onto the heated griddle. Use the spatula to prevent it from running away. Continue tossing the scrambled eggs for a few minutes till it’s ready.

Don’t forget to take care of the pancakes. Once it has crusted on the bottom, flip with a spatula and cook the other side too till it becomes brown.

During the cooking time, the heat radiation from the griddle keeps the potatoes and bacon warm. With all the breakfast items ready, take a clean plate, serve and enjoy the savory breakfast.


The secret to cooking a hearty breakfast on the griddle is having a large flat top grill. Then exercise patience and keenness as you cook each item one by one.

Once one type of food is ready, keep it warm on one corner of the griddle. And when you are through with the cooking, don’t forget to clean the food and grease remains from the flat top grill[how to clean a flat top grill].