How to Cook Chicken on a Flat Top Grill

A well-cooked chicken adds a bunch of nutrients to the body, especially lean protein. And a tender, juicy and moist chicken is a meal that is hard to ignore.

The best indoor flat top grill for home can help you prepare such a delicious chicken without any trouble.

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At What Temperature Should You Cook Chicken On a Flat Top Grill?

Regardless of the food you are cooking, getting the temperature right is a vital step. And a flat top grill makes that easier to accomplish.

Chicken requires a temperature of about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. So you need to preheat the flat top grill to that heat level for about 10 or fifteen minutes.

How Long Should You Cook Chicken On a Flat Top Grill?

Just like the time taken to cook bacon on a flat top grill[how to cook bacon on a flat top grill] varies, chicken is no exception. Smaller pieces cook faster than larger pieces.

But on average it takes from 5 to 10 minutes per side to cook chicken on a flat top grill. So in total, it may take you 10 to 20 minutes.

Can You Cook Frozen Chicken On a Flat Top Grill?

Ideally, you should thaw frozen chicken first before cooking it. The thawed chicken cooks faster, evenly and produces a superior taste.

However to cook frozen chicken, ensure the pieces aren’t stuck together. Also, give it 50 percent more cooking time than the recommended duration.

Finally, ensure the internal temperature reads 165 degrees Fahrenheit to confirm it’s cooked properly before consuming the meat.

When Cooking Chicken On a Flat Top Grill, How Do You Know the Chicken is Done?

There are many ways to test if the chicken is ready or not. Here are the most common tests:

Meat Thermometer

An instant read thermometer is an easy way of gauging whether the chicken is ready or not. Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken and note the temperature reading. If it’s ready the internal temperature should read 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make a Small Cut or Press Down the Chicken

In case you don’t have an instant read thermometer, make a small cut on the chicken or gently press down on the breast. Take note of the color of the juices that runoff from it. Clear juices indicate it’s properly cooked.

Also after making the cut, take note of the color of the meat. If it’s ready it presents a white (it should not register a faint pink color). A pinkish or red juice means it’s not yet done.

What Tools Do You Need to Cook Chicken On a Flat Top Grill?

Instant Read Thermometer

An instant-read thermometer helps you to know the internal temperature of the chicken while cooking. That way you can tell whether it’s ready or not. It gives an almost instant reading.


When cooking chicken you need a melting dome or just a cover over the flat top grill to produce juicy and moist chicken breast.

Squeeze Bottle

When you need to add chicken broth, apple juice, or wine while cooking, a squeeze bottle helps do it right and minimize the wastage.


Mid-way cooking you need to flip over the chicken breast so that both sides cook evenly. A pair of tongs or spatula (depending on the size of the chicken you are cooking) comes in handy.

How to Cook Chicken On a Flat Top Grill?

Preheat the Flat Top Grill

Preheat the flat top grill for about 10 to 15 minutes at a heat level of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You can employ an IR gun to confirm the temperature of the grill.

Oil the Flat Top Grill

Next apply a light coat of vegetable oil, canola, or olive oil. About a tablespoon or two of oil is adequate.

Flatten the Breast

An even chicken breast cooks better and gives the best result. So take the chicken and put a cling wrap all over it. Then use a rolling pin to flatten it to an even breast thickness of about 1 ½ inch.

Load it On the Flat Top Grill

Take the chicken and load it on the flat cooking surface. Take care not to give it unnecessary disturbance. Cover and cook for about 4 to five minutes.

Flip Over

Take a glance and if it turns golden brown, flip over (using spatula or tongs) to let the other side cook too for about 4 minutes. After about 3 minutes, lift the lid and add about 1 or two tablespoons of chicken broth, water, or apple juice. And let it cook for a couple more minutes.

Take Care, Not to Overcook

You need to keep a check on the chicken, preferably using an instant read thermometer. When the internal temperature of the chicken hits 160 degrees, tent it with a foil and finish off cooking till the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.


How Long Should You Marinate Chicken Before Cooking?

About 5 or 6 hours before cooking produces the right texture and taste. However, it must not take more than 24 hours. But in case you don’t have that much time, about 1 hour should suffice.

How Do You Store Leftover Chicken Breasts?

Dip them in an airtight and sealable plastic storage bag. Then keep the plastic bag in the fridge for not more than 3 days.


You can pair the griddled or marinated chicken with many side dishes. For example, you can quickly prepare asparagus on a flat top grill[how to cook asparagus on a flat top grill] to go along with it.

As you can see, a flat top grill is a great investment to have either at a restaurant or at home. It makes cooking different foods easier and enjoyable.