How to Cook Fajitas on Flat Top Grill

Whether beef or chicken fajitas, it’s easy to prepare, healthy and tasty. Moreover, when you have the best top flat grills, cooking fajitas is straightforward and fast.  And when you marinate it, the taste of the steak fajitas becomes even better.

After cooking vegetables on a flat top grill [how to cook vegetables on a flat top grill], you can match it with fajitas and have a wonderful dinner.

Stick to the end and learn the vita tips on how to cook tasty fajitas.

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Which Cuts of Steak Should You Use When Cooking Fajitas on a Flat Top Grill?

Some of the best cuts of steak that are ideal for fajitas are flank or skirt. The two cuts of beef are best for making fajitas since they soak up well in the marinade and are easy to tenderize to give a superior taste.


Flank originates from the abdominal muscles of the cow beneath the loin. Although tough and lean, when you cook it properly, it gives rise to a flavorful taste.

Furthermore, its texture readily accepts marinade and so making it ideal for fajitas. You need to cut it across the grain and sear at a high heat level to reap its optimum taste.


The skirt steak comes from the diaphragm just between chest and abdomen. By default, it gives a slice of thin but flavorful meat. And just like the flank, you have to slice it into thin strips and cook it over high heat.

Other cuts of meat that you can also use include hanger steak, sirloin flap, London broil, and flat iron.

What’s the Secret to Cooking the Best Fajitas on a Flat Top Grill?

Take note of the following tips and you’ll make tasty mouthwatering fajitas:

Marinate the Piece of Steak Before Cooking Time

Marinating the skirt or flank in advance creates a tangible difference in the overall outcome of the food. During marinating time the meat soaks and absorbs the marinade and thus boosting its flavor. And making slits allows the flavor to infuse even deep into the meat.

Cut the Steak into thin Slices Across the Grain

Slicing the steak into smaller slices across the grain makes it easy to cook and chew. When you cut the meat across the grains you create shorter fibers that are less demanding to chew.

No Overcooking

You can get the best flavor and texture out of the steak for fajitas by cooking it to a rare or medium-rare level. So stay alert to prevent it from overcooking.

Pair it with Fresh Tortilla

One tip for getting the best taste from the tortillas is by matching them with freshly baked tortillas. But in case you had purchased ready-made tortillas, warm them first on a flat top grill.

Why Cook Fajitas on a Flat Top Grill?

There are several reasons to cook fajitas on your flat top grill. It makes the whole cooking process easy. After cutting thin slices of steak and vegetables, you toss them on the griddle and cook them at once; no hassle.

It also makes it easy to serve a large crowd. The vast flat cooking surface holds a large volume of fajitas, vegetables, and other side dishes. So, within less time, you have enough food to feed the large crowd.

How to Cook Fajitas on a Flat Top Grill?

Slice Steak

The initial step is cutting the steak into thin pieces across the grain. In addition, makes some slits on the meat so that the marinade can infuse deep into the meat.


Next, prepare your marinade according to your desire. For example, some people mix lime juice, olive oil, fajita seasonings, and a little bit of water to make a marinade.

Keep in the Fridge for a Couple of Hours.

Mix the marinade and the thin pieces of steak and lock them in the plastic bag. Keep it in the fridge for several hours about 4 or 6 hours, just like when cooking steak on a flat top grill[how to cook steak on a flat top grill]. During this period the marinade works into the meat and tenderizes it more.

Preheat the Flat Top Grill

Preheat the flat top grill to a high heat level for approximately 10 minutes. Add a little oil to the griddle to ensure that the fajitas do not stick to the cooking surface.

Cook the Steak

When you are ready to load the pieces of steak, turn the heat to medium-high temperature. And cook for about 5 to seven minutes.

Add the Vegetables

At the elapse of the 5 minutes, add the veggies and continue to cook. Stir occasionally with the spatula. When the vegetables have turned soft and the fajitas have cooked to your desired doneness, remove them from the flat top griddle.

Prepare Tortillas

Fajitas make a great combination with tortillas. If you have a large griddle then great. When the fajitas are almost done, cook tortillas or warm the ones you had previously bought.

And when the steak and vegetables are done, remove them from the griddle and enjoy the yummy fajitas, veggies, and favorite toppings.


What Type of Toppings Can You Use with Fajitas?

Several kinds of toppings blend with fajitas. That includes lettuce and slices of avocado or cheese.

What’s the Best Way to Store Leftover Fajitas?

Do not freeze leftover fajitas because the vegetables will get mushy. But instead, store them in an air-tight bag and keep them in the fridge for no longer than 3 days.

How Do You Know the Fajitas Steak is Done?

First the pink color diminishes. Also the internal temperature level of meat is done when it hits the 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise chicken fajitas are done at an internal heat level of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


Provided you have the reliable flat top grill and have made the necessary preparations, cooking fajitas is quick and simple. When you have limited time and want a quick fix for dinner, it’s a viable dish to consider preparing.