How to Cook Fried Rice On a Flat Top Grill

From the texture and taste to its appearance, fried rice is mouthwatering if you fry it correctly. But, you need the right equipment for the task. By going through the review of flat top grills you can get the right equipment that suits your family.

Besides preparing breakfast on a flat top grill[ how to cook breakfast on a flat top grill], you can cook several other dishes, including fried rice.

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What Makes Cooking Fried Rice On a Flat Top Grill Convenient?

When frying rice on a flat top grill, you need a high but constant heat setting. Otherwise, it won’t give the toasted rice an authentic taste.

The flat-top grill having a cold-rolled steel cooking surface makes it easy to achieve that high constant temperature. Besides, it offers a large flat surface that accommodates a large volume of rice.

The vast cooking surface allows you to prepare rice and cook other ingredients or side dishes on the same flat-top grill in different areas concurrently. Stirring rice on the flat top grill is easy and less risky because of its size.

What’s The Best Oil to Use When Cooking Fried Rice on a Flat Top Grill?

Cooking fried rice requires high heat. So you need the oil that possesses a high smoking point and neutral flavor. Therefore some viable options include canola oil, peanut oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, and sesame oil.

How Do You Cook Fried Rice On a Flat Top Grill Without it Getting Mushy?

You can cook fried rice on a flat top grill and deliver superior texture and taste by exercising the following tips:

Use Medium or Long Grain Rice.

Don’t just pick on any type of rice. Settle on medium to long grain type of rice, for example, jasmine. Long grain rice is sturdy and easily falls apart after frying. On the other hand, short and thick-grained rice such as sushi easily clamp together.

When Using Previously Uncooked Rice, Rinse First

When you want to fry uncooked rice on a flat top grill, you must wash it first. The rinsing removes the excess starch that could otherwise make it clamp.

But if the rice was cooked before, then break down the lamps manually and let the rice exists in separate grains.

Keep the Temperature High.

Frying rice requires a very high temperature just like when cooking fish on a flat top grill[how to cook fish on a flat top grill]. Preheating the flat top grill to a very high temperature ensures the rice browns quickly on the outside before losing more moisture from the inside.

Keep a Check On the Vegetables or Seasonings.

When preparing fried rice, don’t go overboard by adding excess vegetables and seasonings. Keep it simple and minimum because more seasonings may make it mushy.

Use a Flat Top Grill of Adequate Size.

The volume of the rice you are frying should match the flat top grill. Otherwise, the rice will overcrowd the griddle and prevent some rice from receiving the right amount of heat.

And in the process, they get mushy. Moreover, you need more space for mixing and heaping the rice during the cooking process.

Keep Your Seasonings and Tools Ready.

Before you begin frying the rice, prepare the seasonings and any other tools that you’ll need close by. Once the cooking process begins, you’ll have no time to look for other tools or prepare seasonings.

How to Cook Fried Rice on a Flat Top Grill?

Breakdown the One-Day Old Rice

If you have precooked leftover rice, chances are it has lumps. So put them in a large bowl and break them down with the help of your fingers. The rice should now be in individual grains

Preheat the Flat Top Grill

Add ½ or 1 tablespoon of canola oil to the flat top grill (depending on the amount of rice you are cooking). And preheat over high heat settings till it begins to smoke.

Add Rice Cook and Stir

After preheating, pour in the previously pre-cooked (day old) rice to the flat top grill.

Cook over the high heat settings till it becomes pale brown, toasted, and slightly crunchy. That should take about 3 minutes. Ensure you keep on stirring till it’s done.

Cook the Flavorings

Create a space at the entre of the rice on the flat top grill and add about ½ tablespoon oil. Then add garlic, onions, and carrots and season with salt to taste. Mix, cook for about 1 minute and combine with the rice.

Push the Rice to One Side and Scramble Eggs

Push aside the rice to one side of the griddle and add about ½ teaspoonful of cooking oil to the flat cooking surface. Break the egg onto that oil, add salt then stir to scramble for approximately one or two minutes.

Add Frozen Peas

Next, you need to add the frozen peas and then rice. Mix thoroughly and continue cooking for about 2 minutes. In case there are lumps employ a spatula to break them.

If the rice shows signs of sticking on the cooking surface add some cooking oil. Cook till the peas have thawed and the rice grains exist individually.

Remove from the flat top grill and serve when hot. Besides the fried rice, you can also prepare chicken on a flat top grill[ how to cook chicken on a flat top grill]. And the two dishes make a great combination.


Can You Fry Freshly Cooked Rice On a Flat Top Grill?

Yes, you can fry freshly cooked rice on a flat top grill but not immediately. You first need to spread it on a flat open surface to let it release the steam into the air. Or spread the rice on a tray and bring it closer to a running fan for a couple of minutes.

Must You Cook the Rice First Before Frying it On a Flat Top Grill?

The best approach is to either soak it for about 30 minutes or cook it first before frying it on the flat top grill.


When you exercise keenness and cook flat rice on a flat top grill the right way, the result is highly rewarding. And you can take the fried rice alongside several other foods. So, instead of just steaming rice, a flat top grill lets you fry it and enjoy the enhanced flavor.