How to Cook Good Filet Mignon on Flat Top Grill

It’s the tenderness and the unique flavor of filet mignon that makes it the favorite of many people. However budget and time may not always allow you to enjoy the restaurant quality fillet mignon.

A better idea therefore is to go through the review of flat top grills and secure a piece of reliable equipment you can use to cook an enjoyable tenderloin at home whenever you wish.

Read on for the professional tips that you need to learn and boost your success in preparing fillet mignon on a griddle.

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How Long Does it Take to Cook Good Filet Mignon On a Flat Top Grill?

It takes about 15 minutes to cook filet mignon on a flat top grill. The precise cooking time depends on the thickness of the filet mignon and the heat intensity.

Compared to cooking hot dogs on a flat top grill[how to cook hot dogs on a flat top grill], filet mignon takes a slightly longer time.

What’s the Right Temperature for Cooking Good Filet Mignon on a Flat Top Grill?

First, you have to sear the fillet mignon in the high heat of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit for a few minutes. After that, you reduce the heat to 350 degrees and baste the steak in butter till it’s done.

When Cooking a Good Filet Mignon On a Flat Top Grill, How Do You Know It’s Done?

The best way to tell when the filet mignon is done is by checking the internal temperature of the meat. At a medium-rare doneness level, the temperature should be 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Cook Good Filet Mignon On a Flat Top Grill?

Cooking steak on a flat top grill and even good filet mignon is advantageous for several reasons.

Precise Temperature Control

A flat top grill makes it easy to dictate the heat intensity. And so cooking even the tender filet mignon becomes convenient.

Locks in Moisture

When you prepare a good filet mignon on a flat top grill, the griddle helps in locking the moisture. With the juices and moisture retained inside, the steak doesn’t dry out and so brings out a superior taste.

What Tools Do You Need to Cook Good Filet Mignon on a Flat Top Grill?

Instant Read Thermometer

You need the instant-read thermometer to check the internal heat level of the tenderloin steak. That way you can know when to remove it from the grill at the right time and thus prevent overcooking.

Pair of Kitchen Tongs

From time to time you have to flip the steak during cooking time. Pair of kitchen tongs let you do that without any trouble. Also, it makes it trouble-free to hold the steak at stand still while searing the edges of the tenderloin for seconds.

When Cooking Good Filet Mignon On a Flat Top Grill Do You Use Oil or Butter?

To get the superior taste when cooking filet mignon, you need butter and oil. However, you have to sear it in a light layer of oil for one or two minutes.

After that, you transfer it to low temperature (about 350 degrees) and baste it in the butter for a couple of minutes till it reaches your doneness level. The butter gives the tenderloin steak a distinct flavor.

How to Cook Good Filet Mignon on a Flat Top Grill

Remove from the Fridge

If you had refrigerated the filet mignon, remove it about half an hour before the cooking time. Pat dry it to eliminate traces of moisture.

Having done that let it idle at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Then about 10 minutes to cooking time spice it up.


Apply a light layer of vegetable oil and then preheat the flat top grill to a high heat level. It may take about 10 minutes for the flat top grill to build the required heat level of 450 or 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

At the same time preheat another side of the griddle to a lower temperature of about 350 degrees.

Place on the Griddle and Sear

Use a temperature gun to confirm that it has preheated to a high heat level, 450 to 500 degrees. Alternatively, once it begins to produce white smoke it means it has reached a high heat level.

Place the filet mignon on the high heat side of the griddle and cook for about one minute on one side. Do not let it sear for longer since filet mignon is very tender

Flip Over

Once it has formed the golden-brown crust, use a pair of tongs to flip over the piece of steak. Cook the other side of the filet mignon for another minute.

When both sides are done it’s time to sear the end caps of the steak for about a second or so. By this time the filet mignon should have a golden brown color and salt crystal on the surface.

Move to Low Heat Side

Take some butter and melt on the other side of the griddle which you had preheated to 340 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then using a pair of tongs transfer each of the pieces of steak to the melted butter.

Don’t overcrowd them. Continue cooking over the 350 degrees heat setting. As the melted butter tries to flow away, scoop some and pour over the filet mignon. Cook for about 5 minutes, flip and then cook a gain for the next 5 minutes.

Check if Done

Once you have cooked both sides, poke with a probe of an instant-read thermometer. For medium-rare doneness, once the internal temperature has reached 135 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s done.

Remove from the flat top grill and place on a clean plate. Let it rest and continue cooking on the plate for another 5 minutes or so. During that time the locked-in juices spread in the flesh.


Before serving add about a tablespoon of butter to the top of each piece of filet mignon steak. Then serve with your favorite side dish such as fried rice or noodles cooked on a flat top grill[how to cook noodles on a flat top grill].


How Thick Should the Filet Mignon Steak Be?

When choosing a good filet mignon to cook on a flat top grill, choose a piece that is either 1.5 inches or 2 inches thick.

What Makes Filet Mignon Steak Tough After Cooking?

Filet mignon is soft, lean, and has very few connective tissues. Overcooking it at very high heat makes it tough and chewy.

So you need to get the temperature right and cook it to medium-rare doneness level. That is to an internal temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit.


With the help of the right equipment, cooking the tender filet mignon is trouble-free. And after a few trials, you can make the restaurant-quality tenderloin steak on the grill. You won’t know what you are missing till you try it out!