How to Cook Hibachi on Flat Top Grill

The hibachi-styled food combines several items from rice, vegetables, chicken or steak and cooking them on a hibachi grill.

However, you can also get the best service from the list of flat top grills to cook hibachi at home. Read on to find out how to go about the process.

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What’s the Best Rice for Cooking Hibachi on a Flat Top Grill?

To get the best taste of the hibachi, it’s wise to use the long grain rice. A good example is jasmine rice.

However, it’s best to use day old rice. But’ in case you don’t have leftover rice, then cook it hours before, cool it down, and keep the rice in the fridge for a few minutes before cooking hibachi.

What Vegetables Do You Use When Cooking Hibachi On a Flat Top Grill?

You can use a wide variety of vegetables when cooking hibachi. However, the most common types include mushrooms, fresh squash, and onions.

What Kind of Steak Should You Use for Cooking Hibachi?

Most chefs agree that boneless top sirloin steak is ideal for preparing hibachi.

What Oil Do You Need to Cook Hibachi on a Flat top grill?

You need the oil with a high smoking point such as canola or sesame seed oil. Some chefs find it even better to blend various types of oil and soy sauce. That includes a mixture of olive oil, sesame seed oil, soy sauce, and rice cooking wine.

What’s the Best Heat Level for Cooking Hibachi On a Flat Top Grill?

The best temperature to use when cooking hibachi is a high heat setting. That way the veggies, rice, or other ingredients don’t steam up.

What are the Profesional Tips for Cooking Hibachi on a Flat Top Grill?

You need to prepare the hibachi fried rice correctly otherwise the entire food won’t give the best taste. For that reason, reflect on the following:

Have a Large Flat Cooking Surface

You’ll need to mix many ingredients. Therefore, a large cooking surface that accommodates all the ingredients is ideal. That’s why a flat top grill is ideal for the task.

High Heat Settings

A high temperature ensures the rice fries and not steam up. Thus, maintain the heat setting right just like you do when cooking fried rice on a flat top grill[how to cook fried rice on a flat top grill]. 

Use Day Old Rice

Ideally, the left-over rice works best for hibachi fried rice. But if you don’t have fried rice, then you can cook the rice on the same day and spread it out in the open to cool hours before cooking time.

Why Cook Hibachi On a Flat Top Grill?

High Heat Setting

A flat top grill can heat to high temperatures. That’s ideal for cooking hibachi, instead of steaming, the high heat fries the rice, veggies, and other ingredients.

Wide Flat Cooking Surface

A flat top grill has a wide even cooking surface. Hence, when cooking hibachi, you can prepare the vegetables, fried rice, and steak on the flat top grill simultaneously. That’s especially easy when you have a large flat top grill of about 36 inches.

Easy to Toss the Ingredients

Besides cooking many kinds of foods at the same time, tossing the ingredients on a flat top grill is trouble-free. You can mix the mushrooms, rice, pieces of steak, and vegetables without any trouble.

How to cook Hibachi on a flat top grill?

The secret to cooking the best hibachi is preparing each food step by step before serving them in one bowl.

Preheat and Scrambled the Eggs

Preheat the flat top grill over high heat setting and then add sesame oil to the griddle. Lightly beat the eggs in a bowl and add them to the griddle.

Break any large pieces if any. Push the scrambled eggs to the side of the griddle when it’s ready.

Saute the Vegetables

Saute the vegetables in the flat top grill for approximately 2 or 3 minutes. Alternatively, when the vegetables begin to grow soft it means they are ready. So push them to one side of the griddle.

Also, melt some butter and mix it with some soy sauce (ratio of 1 to 1). If you wish you can add garlic powder and ginger.

Bring in the Pre-Cooked Rice

Sprinkle more oil on the griddle and add the pre-cooked rice. Cook for approximately 5 minutes while stirring frequently.

While cooking, don’t heap the rice, instead spread it out so that it forms a thin layer on the griddle. Add the soy and butter sauce mixture.

When the rice begins to pop and sizzle it means it’s done. Push it aside from direct heating to the side of the griddle, closer to the veggies you had cooked before.

Prepare the Chicken

Add a little bit of sesame oil and heat for some seconds. Next, bring in the bite-sized chicken. Sprinkle the soy sauce and butter on the chicken then cook for additional 6 or 7 minutes.

Toss once or twice during cooking. After 7 minutes, it should no longer be pink but brown. Otherwise cooking chicken on a flat top grill[how to cook chicken on a flat top grill] is simple and takes only minutes.

When all the ingredients are ready, serve while hot and enjoy your hibachi style food. Since you had pushed them to the side of the grill, they should still feel warm when you have finished cooking.

For a more appealing look, serve the hibachi food in a large bowl. That way you have space to arrange the vegetables, mushrooms, rice, and chicken to present an appealing look.


A flat top grill makes it convenient to cook hibachi. The high heat capacity and large flat cooking surface work in your favor. Besides, it helps keep the food warm prior to serving. When you exercise patience and practice frequently, you’ll realize its easy to cook hibachi.