How to Cook Hot Dogs on Flat Top Grill

The best indoor flat top grill for home helps you cook juicy hot dogs in no time. From breakfast to lunch, hot dogs tastes good anytime of the day. Here is how to make plump and juicy hot dogs that every member of the family find irresistible.

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What’s the Right Temperature for Cooking Hot Dogs on Flat Top Grill?

The right temperature for cooking hot dogs on a flat top grill is medium high heat. That means a heat setting of about 320 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long Does it Take to Cook Hot Dogs On Flat Top Grill?

Most hot dogs come precooked and so takes very little time on the griddle. At the same time the time it takes to cook depends on the heat intensity and size of the hot dog. But on average it takes 5 to 8 minutes for a hot dog to cook on the flat top griddle.

When Cooking Hot Dogs On Flat Top Grill, How Do You Know it’s Done?

Use one or a combination of the following to know when the hot dog is ready for consumption;

Thermometer Test

Consuming an undercooked hot dog is unhealthy. Fortunately a food grade thermometer makes it easy to know its level of doneness.  If you stick the thermometer’s probe into the hot dog cheese and it reads either 145 degrees Fahrenheit or more, then it’s done on the grill.

Observing the Changes on the Skin

In case you don’t have the meat thermometer, take note of the changes on its skin.  The hot dog is done when the external surface become dry and crispy. Further the center turns somehow pink too.

Watch for a Hissing Sound

As they cook, the juices inside begins to bubble. And as the hot dog near doneness the bubbling of juices produces a more distinct hissing or sputtering sound. That’s a sure sign that heat has penetrated inside and thus done cooking.

Cuts Enlarge

Some people prefer making few cuts of about ¼ inches deep on the hot dog cheese. During cooking the cuts enlarger as the heat intensifies. When the hot dog is done it creates an impression like it’s nearly bursting out of its shell.

Why Cook Hot Dogs On a Flat Top Grill?

There are plenty of solid reasons to consider preparing hot dogs on flat top grill. The griddle suffers no heat spot problem.

And the consistent heating give plump and juicy hot dogs. No wonder even fajitas cooked on a flat top grill[how to cook fajitas on a flat top grill] tastes great!

The equipment allows you to prepare hot dog toppings and other side dishes at the same time. Meaning, you do your cooking in less time. So you won’t get worried when you have to serve a large party of friends.

How to Cook Hot Dogs on Flat Top Grill?


First you need to preheat the flat top grill over medium to medium low heat level. A temperature setting of about 320 to 400 degrees is ideal. Give it a couple of minutes to heat up.  Once it has preheated, apply a thin layer of olive oil and spread it on the flat cooking surface.

Add the Hot Dogs

Once you have confirmed the temperature of the flat top grill, add the hot dogs. Take note of the spacing between them.

Add Light Coat of Oil

As they cook, use a squirt bottle to apply a light layer of oil on the top surface of the hot dogs. Then sprinkle garlic granules and pepper on top too.

Turn Over

For the initial time, let the hot dog sausage cook for about 2 minutes undisturbed before giving it a quarter turn.

After that cook for about a minute before giving it another quarter turn. And after every quarter turn add light layer of oil on top.

Continue cooking and turning the hot dogs every minute until it has cooked all over. Then serve in a warm bun with your favorite toppings.


What’s the Secret to Cooking the Juiciest Hot Dog?

Implement the following top tips and reap the plump and juicy hot dog:

Get the Preheating Temperature Right

Preheat the flat top grill to attain the right heat level before you toss in the hot dogs. If necessary calibrate the flat top grill[how to calibrate a flat top grill] before beginning the cooking process. Whereas a cold grill gives dry hot dogs, an extra hot griddle causes burns and splitting.

Don’t Poke With a Knife

While cooking, keep off the urge to poke into the hot dogs with either a knife or fork. Doing so will allow the juicy content to flow out. Instead, turn them using pair of tongs so that the outer cover remain intact.


Many people enjoy hot dogs. But not everyone know how to cook it the right way. If you can secure a flat top grill and follow the above steps, you’ll greatly improve your chances of making appealing hot dogs. Afterwards you can cook other Japanese foods on the same flat top grill[how to cook Japanese food on a flat top grill]. As you cans see it has versatile uses. You won’t regret owning it.