How to Cook Lobster Tail on Flat Top Grill

Despite costing a significant amount of money, many still like a soft and tender restaurant prepared lobster tail. Instead of rushing to a fancy restaurant for the seafood, investing in the best outdoor flat top grill seems a bright idea.

With a little planning and carefulness, you can cook the tender lobster tail anytime you wish. Read on for the vital tips.

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How Long Does it Take to Cook Lobster Tail on a Flat Top Grill?

On average it takes 10 minutes for a lobster tail to cook fully on a flat top grill. However, the heat intensity and thickness of the lobster tail also count. For instance, a 4-ounce lobster tail cooks faster than a tail that weighs 8 ounces.

What Should be the Right Temperature for Cooking Lobster Tail on a Flat Top Grill?

Just like temperature counts when cooking baby back ribs on a flat top grill[how to cook baby back ribs on a flat top grill], precise heat level matters when cooking lobster tail.

You need to preheat your flat top grill to medium temperature. About 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit will suffice.

What Tools Do You Need to Cook Lobster Tail on a Flat Top Grill?

From preparation to the actual cooking of lobster tail, you need the following tools:

Kitchen Shear

The kitchen shear helps you cut a few slits on the underside of the lobster tail. Also, it makes it easy to trim off the shell from the meaty portion of the tail.

Kitchen Knife

Before cooking the lobster tail, you need to slit it lengthwise almost to the base. The kitchen knife comes to your aid then.

Mixing Bowl

As the term implies, the bowl provides a convenient place for combining the spices such as garlic, pepper, and even parsley.

Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer helps you to test the internal heat level of the lobster tail. And so you can tell when food is done or not.

When Cooking Lobster Tail on a Flat Top Grill, How Do You Know It’s Done?

There are two main ways of telling when a lobster tail has cooked through:

Instant Read Thermometer

One of the reliable tests is to poke into the thickest part of the tail with the thermometer probe. If it reads 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s done on the griddle.


When raw, the lobster meat is translucent. However, when it is done, it gets firm and opaque almost like shrimp cooked on a flat top grill[ how to cook shrimp on a flat top grill].

How to Cook Lobster Tail on a Flat Top Grill?


First, you need to butterfly the lobster tail by following the below steps:

Place the shear at the center and aim at cutting the shell towards but not reaching the tail. Ideally, you need to cut the shell only, but even if you do with a thin layer of meat, it’s still okay.

Then cut the center ridge using a knife. And like the previous case, don’t cut deep up to the bottom shell.

Then using your hands, try to pry open and flatten the lobster tail. In case it has claws that may prick your fingers, a kitchen towel may be of help.

Some chefs find it beneficial to skew the lobster tail at the center so that it doesn’t curl and lose its flat shape on the griddle.

At the same time combine the chopped garlic and parsley leaves in the mixing bowl. Then add butter and salt to the same bowl. Use a fork to combine the ingredients. Keep it close by.


Using the oil brush, apply a thin layer of olive oil to the lobster tail. Then season with black pepper and salt.

Preheat the Flat Top Grill.

Once you are through with preparation, preheat the griddle for a few minutes on medium-high heat settings. That is at a temperature of about 350 to 400 degrees.

Place the Lobster Tails to Cook.

After confirming the temperature of the griddle, load the tails on the flat top grill. However, ensure that the flesh side faces down. Cover with a dome or grill lid. Let it cook for approximately 5 minutes without disturbance.

Check and Flip Over

Remove cover and check on the lobster. If the shell has begun to turn red and the flesh is also browning, flip it over.

After flipping brush the tail with the melted butter garlic mixture on the flesh side facing up. Close the lid again and cook for about 4 more minutes or till done.

Remove and Serve

Besides checking for the opaqueness of the lobster meat, use an instant-read thermometer. Confirm to see if the internal heat level of the meat has reached 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Serve it alongside asparagus a great taste.


Can you Cook Frozen Lobster Tail?

Yes, you can cook a frozen lobster tail after thawing it first. Otherwise, it will come out tough and cooked unevenly.

The best way is to thaw the frozen tails in the refrigerator overnight. Alternatively, you can push the tails into a Ziploc bag and dip the bag in cold water for about an hour.

Why is My Lobster Tail Tough and Rubbery?

If after cooking the lobster tail it comes out tough and rubbery, then it’s most likely you have overcooked it. To avoid overcooking the tail, keep checking on the color change on the meat.

Once it becomes opaque and the internal temperature reaches 135 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, then it’s done. Do not cook further.


Lobster tail is a food sea that cooks in just a few minutes. A flat-top grill can help you cook the restaurant-quality lobster tail right at your doorstep. You can buy reliable grills from reputable outlets. But if your budget is limited, you can even construct a flat top grill at home[ how to make a flat top grill].