How to Cook Ribs on a Flat Top Grill

One of the hard-to-resist foods is a rack of tender and juicy ribs. Fortunately, cooking such a dish isn’t difficult. When you go through the list of flat top grills, you’ll get grills of various sizes.

So depending on the size of your family or intended guests, you can pick the right flat top grill that suits you. Besides the griddle, you only need a couple of grilling tools; no elaborate list of tools.

Read on to unearth the pro skills for cooking such a yummy pack of ribs!

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What Tools Do You Need When Cooking Ribs On a Flat Top Grill?

On top of the flat top grill, you need the following:

Meat Thermometer

The best way to check if your ribs are cooked is by noting the internal heat level of the thickest area of the meat. You, therefore, need a meat thermometer.

Pair of Tongs

As you cook the rack of ribs on the grill, you’ll need to turn them from time to time. A pair of kitchen tongs come in handy. Further, when removing the ribs from the griddle, the pair of tongs still plays a vital role. It’s the same tool you use when cooking scallops on a flat top grill[how to cook scallops on a flat top grill].

While Cooking Ribs On a Flat Top Grill, How Do You Know it is Done?

There are many ways to know when the ribs are done or not.

Internal Temperature Test

The first method is checking for an internal temperature reading of 145 degrees using an instant-read thermometer. If you can use the instant-read thermometer method, then it’s the most reliable way.


Experienced chefs find it easy to detect when a rack of ribs is done. During cooking, the meat begins to pull back ad exposes the bones.

So take a keen look at the thinner end of the ribs. If the meat has pulled back to an extent that it exposes about half or full inch of the bone, it means it’s done.

Moreover, when you get hold of the rack of ribs with kitchen tongs take a keen interest. If it somehow bends in the middle, it’s another giveaway sign that it’s ready.

How to Cook Ribs On a Flat Top Grill?


The initial step in cooking ribs is eliminating the membrane. So check on the bone side of the ribs for signs of the membrane. If there is, carefully pinch it between your fingers and peel it off.

Removing it paves way for the rub to penetrate deep into the ribs. Also, the membrane is tough and not easy to chew.

Prepare the Rub

Next, mix your spices, olive oil, and liquid smoke to make the rib rub. Combining those ingredients is easy when you use a bowl. After the preparation, rub it all over the rack of ribs.

Preheat the Flat Top Grill

Turn on the flat top grill. Preheat it over temperature level of medium-high for a couple of minutes. Some flat top grills will beep once they have preheated. Spray a little amount of olive oil on the cooking surface.

Place the Ribs to Cook.

Load the ribs with the help of a pair of tongs to cook on the flat top grill. In case you have several racks, space each piece well from the other.

Cook for a Few Minutes

After placing ribs on the griddle with adequate spacing, cover with a hood and wait for five minutes. The cooking method may take approximately 20 minutes.

However, you must keep on checking and lifting off the rib every five minutes. During the process, it will caramelize and change color nicely.

As the cooking goes on, check on it more frequently (say every 3 or 2 minutes) turning it often after one side is done.

Test If it’s Done

Then using an instant-read thermometer, check on the internal heat level of the ribs, just like you do when cooking steak on a flat top grill[how to cook steak on a flat top grill]. Poke the tip of the probe into the thickest side of the ribs and note its temperature reading.

If the instant-read thermometer registers a reading of 145 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the rib from the grill and set it aside.

Then take your best bbq sauce and brush it all over the ribs. Let it rest for a couple of minutes to continue cooking before serving.


How Do You Reheat Ribs on a Flat Top Grill?

Rub some sauce on the ribs and wrap them in an aluminum foil to lock in the moisture. Then place the aluminum wrap on the griddle after preheating it to a medium-low heat level, about 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

While doing that, stick the meat thermometer’s probe into the ribs. And once the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit, unwrap the foil.

Then adjust the flat top grill heat level to high. Sear the ribs to get the crispiness, for about additional 10 minutes. The entire process should take about 15 or 30 minutes at most.

What’s the Best Way of Storing Leftover Ribs?

The ideal way to store leftover ribs is by using a vacuum sealer. The aim is to drive out the air. Alternatively, for a short time of storage e.g. overnight, dip it into a Ziploc bag. And then press out the air and store the Ziploc bag in the fridge for about a day.

Why Do Some Ribs Turn Chewy and Dry?

If the ribs turn out chewy, it’s either undercooked or you never removed the membrane before cooking. And when you set the heat very high so that you cook the ribs extremely fast, it results into a dry rack of ribs.


One of the best ways to enjoy the tender ribs is by pairing them up with previously cooked vegetables on a flat top grill[how to cook vegetables on a flat top grill]. Yes, try the home-cooked rack of ribs at the next party and you won’t believe its sweet taste.