How to Cook Vegetables on a Flat Top Grill

Vegetables cook and caramelize faster on good flat top grills. Besides the superior taste, a flat top grill retains most of the antioxidants in the vegetables.

So if you need a side dish to go along with chicken cooked on a flat top grill[how to cook chicken on a flat top grill], vegetables such as asparagus make a viable option.

And the best part, the griddle takes only a few minutes to cook such delicious zucchini, asparagus, and other vegetables.

Read on to unearth the pro tips!

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At what Temperature Should you Cook Vegetables on a Flat Top Grill?

The right temperature for cooking vegetables on a flat top grill is medium high. That is heat level of about 400 to 425 Fahrenheit.

What Tools Do You Need When Cooking Vegetables on a Flat Top Grill?

Infrared Temperature Gun

Temperature plays a crucial factor in cooking a healthy and tasty meal.  So an infrared temperature gun helps you confirm the heat level of the preheated flat top grill before adding your vegetables.

Large Bowl

The large bowl helps in the easy mixing of the vegetables and marinades.

Long Handle Spatula

You’ll have to mix the different kinds of vegetables when cooking. A metal spatula with a long handle makes it safe and efficient to turn the vegetables.

How to Cook Vegetables on a Flat Top Grill

Cut Into Smaller Pieces

Before cooking the vegetables, cut them into smaller sizes that are easy to bite. An inch length is ideal. That applies to onions, eggplant, and pepper.

Channel all the chopped pieces into a large bowl. Then to the same bowl add seasonings, butter, and then toss them together.

Some chefs find it efficient to use a skewer when cooking smaller bits of vegetables. Turning the vegetables then become easier.

Preheat the Griddle

Preheat the flat top grill over medium-high temperatures. As you wait for the preheating period to end, you can carry on with the vegetable preparations.

If you had calibrated the flat top grill[how to calibrate a flat top grill] you can rely on its temperature reading. Otherwise, use an infrared temperature gun to confirm the griddle temperature reading.

Brush Oil on the Vegetables Directly

Before pouring the vegetables on the flat top grill, brush vegetable oil on them directly. Adding oil to the griddle may create a pool and hence negatively affect the texture and flavor of vegetables.

Add to the Flat Top Grill.

After oiling, add your vegetables to the flat top grill. Do not turn for the first two or three minutes. Not disturbing the vegetables for the initial minutes allows them to develop a delicious texture.


When the two or three minutes have elapsed, oil the uncooked upper side. Then using a metal spatula with a long handle flip over the vegetable pieces. Continue to cook them for about 3 minutes.

Test if Done

To test if your asparagus, zucchini, and other vegetables are done, take note of the color change. If it presents a golden color and feels soft when you poke with a fork, then it means it’s ready.

Take off From the Heat and Season.

Take off your vegetables from the flat top grill and re-season if necessary. Then serve as a side dish alongside steak cooked on a flat top grill[how to cook steak on a flat top grill.


What Vegetables Can You Cook on a Flat Fop Grill?

A flat top grill can cook almost all vegetables including asparagus, zucchini, and broccoli. However, it isn’t wise to mix root and soft vegetables and cook them all at once on the griddle.

Since root vegetables such as carrots and potatoes take a slightly longer time to cook, load them first on the griddle. Then after cooking for about 5 minutes, add other softer vegetables such as asparagus and zucchini.

How Long Can You Keep Leftover Vegetables?

Leftover vegetables can only last a couple of days (4 to 5) in the refrigerator. So it’s advisable to cook just the amount you can consume within that period.


Vegetables make nice side dishes for many foods, especially proteins. A flat top grill makes cooking vegetables faster, easier, and healthy. Besides, the vast flat cooking surface and the precise heating work to your advantage even when targeting a large group.