How to Make a Flat Top Grill 

When you scroll through the list of flat top grills, you’ll get impressive griddles that offer versatile cooking roles. However, sometimes you may not afford the cost of a new flat top grill. And that’s where the idea of making a flat top grill comes in.

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Why Make a Flat Top Grill?

There are various reasons to consider making a flat top grill such as the following:

Cutting Down the Cost

One of the prime reasons for making a griddle is cutting down the cost. When you are under budget, the upfront cost of a new griddle may be beyond your reach.

On that note, transforming an already existing grill into a flat top grill may seem a cost-effective option. All you may need then is a griddle plate and few tools.

Dual Functioning Cooking Equipment

Another tangible reason to make a flat top grill is the need to have a grill that doubles as a griddle too. Many are occasions that we need both a grill and a griddle. Buying both pieces of equipment may not be an easy option for everyone.

On that ground, some people prefer having one unit that functions both as a griddle and grill. Making the griddle plate hence seems a wise idea.

Making Use of Already Existing Resources

Sometimes the push to make a flat top grill stems from the existing materials. For example, you may have a functioning grill and a large piece of thick steel or iron plate idling around.

In such a case making a flat top grill then seems an easy option. Besides haven’t you felt the satisfaction you get after accomplishing a do-it-yourself project?

What’s the Best Metal for Making a Flat Top Grill?

Ideally, the best material for making a flat top grill is cast iron. That is because of its superior thermal performance. But beware that it’s heavy, seasoning or cleaning the flat top grill[how to clean a flat top grill] may also be tiring.

But if you need an easy-to-clean plate, settle for chrome steel or aluminium material. Though cast iron still possesses better heat retention ability.

How To make a Flat Top Grill?

When it comes to making a flat top grill, there are many ideas to consider:

Buying a Griddle Plate

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make a flat top grill is by buying a griddle plate. Incorporating a griddle plate into your existing grill transforms it into a flat top grill in no time.

However, to make it a success, you need to take an accurate measurement of the grill. By doing so, you’ll know the exact size of the griddle plate that matches your grill.

Furthermore, the type of material and the thickness of the plate also count. It’s possible to get a griddle plate at a cost of less than $100.

Buy a Metal Sheet and Transform It Into a Griddle Plate

Apart from buying a ready-made griddle plate, you can fabricate one. That involves making use of a thick iron plate lying around or buying a piece from the local hardware shop.

Having identified the right material, you then cut it into a size that corresponds to your grill equipment.

But before you use the plate for the initial time, clean it thoroughly. You can begin by soaking the plate in vinegar mixture overnight.

Then in the morning, clean it with hot water and soap. Finally, dry it so that you pave way for seasoning the flat top grill[how to season a flat top grill] later.

Ensure that you make comfortable handles for the plate. That way it becomes convenient to handle the griddle plate.

Griddle Plate Attachment

Some top grill brands also stock grill attachments. So, you can begin by researching the availability of your brand’s grill attachments.

In case there is none, then switch to any generic grill attachments. Such a modification allows your grill to double as a flat top grill whenever you wish.

Build One from Scratch

If you feel technically savvy, then you can also build one from scratch. In that case, you have to go through making accurate measurements, cutting metal sheets, and welding the pieces together.

Other vital parts of the griddle, such as the temperature gauge, caster wheel, and ignition system are readily available in shops. Nevertheless, constructing a flattop grill from scratch requires a high level of expertise.

Besides cleaning, you need to calibrate the newly constructed flat top grill[how to calibrate a flat top grill] so that it reflects accurate temperature readings.

When Making a Flat Top Grill, How Thick Should the Griddle Plate Be?

It all depends on the quality of the griddle that you desire. Standard griddle plates are half an inch thick. But medium and heavy-duty griddle plates have thicknesses of three quarters and one inch respectively.

Remember, thicker plates have better heat performance, though costly. On the other hand, a medium thick plate compromises slightly on even heat distribution.


A flat top grill is a piece of integral kitchen equipment since it can cook a wide variety of foods. You can still enjoy the services of a flat top grill, even when you are under a tight budget.

One way of doing so is making a flat top grill at home. When you have the usual grill, you can buy a griddle plate or cut up a thick metal sheet to make up the versatile cooking equipment.

Whether in the kitchen or outdoor grilling, a flat top grill is a piece of equipment you can’t afford to miss.